The Juice with a Natural Boost!

Little Big Shot is a Healthy Energy Drink, specially designed to meet active lifestyle challenges.

B vitamins are involved in the release of energy from food, help combat tiredness and fatigue and contribute to the maintenance of various metabolic processes. Deep Ocean Minerals are natural purified minerals from the seabed which work with your body to enhance your daily performance. Little Big Shot contains NO Caffeine, NO Taurine, NO preservatives, NO artificial sweeteners or colourings.

What would we do without energy?

We use it for everything, even when we are sleeping our bodies are burning up our supplies. We need energy for work, exercising and doing all the things we love…whether it’s the school run, a busy day of meetings, breaking a sweat in the gym or pulling an all-night study session.

Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep or we have a busy day ahead and when we get tired, we are just not as productive as we could be! We all have those days when we need a little extra boost, but some other energy drinks can leave you with a nasty come-down afterwards.

Little Big Shot does more than quench your thirst, it helps to keep your energy levels up.

We keep winning!